CSBAG wants parliament to expedite passing of public finance bill

Civil society actors want parliament to expedite passing of the proposed public finance bill critical in establishing financial and budget discipline in the country.

The bill is currently in parliament and awaits scrutiny but the actors want parliament to speed up the process as commitment by MPs towards restoring financial and budget prudence.

The actors also express support for a wide range of clauses in the bill like provision of a legal basis for supplementary budgets, retention of a budget office in parliament and mandatory consultation on budget preparations among others.

They also want MPs to ensure that during debates they include provisions that tighten classified expenditure which they claim is used to misuse funds as well as ensure that a provision is included to ensure that oil revenues are not only used for development expenditure

This was voiced by  Julius Kapwepwe of the Uganda Debt Network and Julius Mukunda from the civil society budget advocacy group as they addressed a joint news conference

Story by

Ronald Muhinda

June 02 2014