Court orders Ev. Kakande to defend himself in the case of trespassing

The High court’s Land Division gives Renowned evangelist Samuel Kakande 21 days to defend himself on claims that he is a trespasser and fraudulently applying for a lease on land that belongs to another person.

The court Registrar Michael Otto signed the summons following a suit filed by one Michael Kawooya Mwembe accusing Kakande of applying for an already obtained lease for land at Kyengera measuring 7.125 acres.

Kawooya says that he is the lawful owner of land situated at Kyengera parish  in Nsangi subcounty Wakiso district having acquired it on 8th November 2001 from Buganda Land Board.

He argues that after making various payments to Buganda land board in fulfillment of the conditions of the lease order, he was shocked to find out that Kakande had proposed to buy off his interest.

Consequently Kakande’s agents started dumping murram on the land for which he later applied for a lease at Buganda Land Board.

Kawooya now wants the court to issue an injunction permanently restraining Kakande from carrying out any further activity on the land, a declaration that he is the lawful owner of the land and general damages for trespass.

The case has been allocated to Justice Eva Luswata.

Story by

Veronica Kayaga

January 29 2015