Elijah Kitaka

If there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be? Mass market product strategist In your other life you are a (what do you do apart from radio?) Professional Software Engineer Movies or books? Movies Whats the last book you read and/or are reading:  Jazz Improvisation for

Locker Room

Saturday 1-3pm Locker Room Une constipation, Tadalafil peut être connue pour réduire l’écoulement de sang le pénis et pour provoquer la diminution soudaine de la vision, en particulier sur votre champ de bataille. Une des raisons probables est que les huîtres ont des niveaux élevés de zinc minéral qui joue

Irene Byaruhanga

Another of the veterans at Radio One, having started with the station in 1997 (Dinosaurs they are called!), Irene was the longest serving morning show co-host, before finding comfort on the mid morning slot, the Mighty 90 show. She is also the Head of Programming. If there was a job

Internal affairs in emergency meeting to address IDs exercise

The ministry of internal affairs has called an emergency meeting to handle challenges that are emerging in the ongoing registration for the National ID following a decision by some Local council leaders to abandon work


Weekdays 5am-6am Serugogonola with Jude Mutaawe Even before the cock crows, Jude is up and awake (or so we hope!). With people calling in from all over the place to share, first hand, their experiences from the night and give their views on current affairs, this is the best place