Easy like Sunday morning

Sunday 6-10am Easy likeSunday morning with Janet Not only redefining ‘lazy’ but the entire Sunday listening experience. Wake up to three hours of laid back slow music. The kind that will let you pull the sheets closer and be thankful it’s a Sunday. The tempo picks up a little at

Jazz Evenings with Elijah

Sunday 9-10pm Jazz Evenings with Elijah There’s nothing as serene and relaxing as listening to the soothing cooing of a tenor sax or the humming strum of a bass guitar on a starlit Sunday evening. It is the Jazz moment on Radio One. The music massages your brain in preparation

Sunday nite Love with Cymon Nite

Sunday 10pm-12am Sunday nite Love with Cymon Nite More soothing lullabies to wind up your day. And one last chance for you to send your love to that special someone before they start the week tomorrow. It’s more music, less talk on the Sunday Love. Meet Cymon Nite

Locker Room

Saturday 1-3pm Locker Room John and the boys on an analysis of the past week’s sporting events, an insight into upcoming events and also take your prediction on the big sporting face-offs of the week. Everyone is an expert here. Even you. Call in and air your views, join in

Mighty 90 Show

The Mighty 90 show eases you out of the morning rush through the later part of the morning and prepares you for lunch. Irene plays many roles – mother, shopping assistant, sister in law, friend, or whoever it is you need at the time, depending on whether you are looking