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Judiciary appoints 17 chief magistrates

The Judicial Service appoints 17 chief magistrates and 4 Assistant Registrars on Promotion in the Judiciary countrywide.

Environmentalists launch campaign against kaveera

Environmentalists move to launch a campaign against single sue plastics commonly known as Kaveera .

Govt surveying borders after Ebola outbreak in DR Congo

Ministry of health dispatches surveillance teams to districts neighboring the Democratic Republic of Congo to enforce control measures against the escalation of Ebola from the DRC to Uganda

Uganda & Kenya resolve to strengthen security on border points

Security officers in Kenya and Uganda resolve to strengthen surveillance and inspection efforts at all border posts to curb cases of human trafficking.

NSSF to lose 366 acres of Temangalo land

National Social Security Fund is set to lose 366.2 acres of Temangalo Land in Busiro County that was bought in 2009 at 11billion shilling worth Workers money.