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Better Health Services, But Challenges Remain – Ministry

By Nebert Rugadya The Ministry of Healthy reports improvements in the health sector, despite new and growing challenges. According to the Annual Health Sector Performance Report (AHSPR) 2017/2018, the health sector registered improvements in a number of indicators including maternal health indicators with Antenatal Care improving by 11%, supervised deliveries

This is the best year for Uganda’s tourism – govt

Nebert Rugadya Uganda surpasses its tourism targets of 1.6 million visitors for the year as it declares 2018 the best tourism year ever. The tourism sector took advantage of the recent global rankings of Uganda among the best tourism destinations, to do aggressive marketing, and it seems to be paying

‘Access to Banking for All by 2020’

By Nebert Rugadya Bankers launch efforts that could see all Ugandans have access to formal banking services by 2020, meaning that each Ugandan should be within easy reach of a banking outlet. This will be enabled by the ongoing implementation of the agency banking laws Currently, about 1 in 5

Involve people in plans, MP pleads over landslide victims

Godfrey Ssali Mbale Municipality Member of Parliament Jack wamanga Wamai insists Government should let people affected in the Bududa mud slide to take part in the relocation exercise by allowing them to identify nearby land where they can be resettled. He says government should give victims money equivalent to 2

Have sign language or lose license – UCC tells TVs

By Jude Mutawe The Uganda Communications Commission has give up to 1 January next year as the dead line to all Television broadcasters in respect to non compliance to provide sign language and subtitles in major newscast and programs to persons with disabilities. The Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission