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Medical association rejects importation of Cuban doctors

Uganda Medical Association rejects the move by government to recruit 200 medicals doctors from Cuba with the intent of filling the gap of inadequate medical specialists in the country.

Parliament threatens to halt funding NAADS

Parliament threatens to halt the appropriation of funds to NAADS in the next financial year if government fails to come up with legal operation framework for operation wealth creation.

IGAD urges South Sudan to embrace free movement of people

The Inter-governmental Authorities on Development (IGAD) member states have tasked the committee in charge of drafting the IGAD protocol on free movement to put into consideration the regulation to avoid the wrong characters that may misuse the opportunity despite its unlimited advantages to the people.

Parliament wants govt to operationalize contigency fund

Parliament tasks the Ministry of Finance to quickly operationalize the contingency fund to cater for emergencies.

Land probe summons special presidential assistant

The Land Probe Commission has issued Criminal Summons to a Special Presidential Assistant for Under Privilleged Youth, Resty Kiguli Nakayenga, to appear before it not later than Thursday this week, to testify as a witness in connection to the Estate of the late Albert Mackay Kalula Mukasa.