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Healthy seedlings, key to better yields- Agriculturalists

Agriculturalists recommend that farmers adopt the use of healthy seedlings to avoid diseases that attack vegetables and also reduce the use of pesticides by up to 70% hence realizing improved yields.

Africa should review liberalization policy – Oulanya

The deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya says it’s high time the African continent reviewed the privatization system arguing that it has not served its intended purpose.

UNICEF cuts funding to Abim district

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) suspends funding to Abim district due to suspected corruption and failure for the district to account for the funds.

Shoe-bill on the verge of extinction in Teso

Conservationists warn that the bird species known as the shoe-bill is on the verge of extinction and consequently have a negative impact on the country’s tourism sector.

Govt calls for tough action on kaveera

Ministry of water and Environment directs the National environment management authority and ministry of health to put sign posts on their entry gates that prohibits people from entering their premises with polythene bags commonly known as kaveera.