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‘Long-overdue Health Bill’ ready

Cabinet approves national Health Insurance Bill which when enacted will require Ugandans to make mandatory contributions and in exchange be given free health care for aliments covered under the minimum health care package Attempts to put in place a national health insurance failed after the relevant bill that wanted priority

Opposition group wants property tax cut or scrapped

The alliance of political groups allied to the Democratic Party, the DP Bloc threatens, to mobilize people in Kampala to protest against the 6% property tax in 30 days if it is not revised. Addressing the media today, DP Bloc member Mike Mabike says they are against the high property

Horn of Africa countries route for medical industry regulation

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) member states release their first regional survey on the quality of medicines at cross border areas with a call to member states to strengthen their medical regulatory bodies. In a two-day meeting held at Lake Victoria hotel in Entebbe it was revealed that the

Uganda’s groundwork in preparedness bodes well for stopping Ebola’s spread within its borders

25 June 2019 – Kampala, Uganda. As Uganda steps up its response to its first confirmed Ebola cases, preparations made since the outbreak began in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are proving crucial to containing the disease. “Uganda has invested heavily in preparing for Ebola cases and

AG absolved of contempt of court charge

The Supreme court has declined to hold the Attorney General William Byaruhanga in contempt of its orders to make the necessary electoral reforms ; saying there’s an effort made by him in having some implemented. This after 7 Justices led by Stella Arach Amoko unanimously dismissed an application filed by