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Govt to borrow 84.4 billion for skills enhancement

Cabinet approves plans to borrow 84.4 million dollars from the Exim Bank of China to finance the National science, technology, engineering and innovation skills enhancement project under the ministry of science and technology

A truck full of stolen drugs has been recovered

A truck full of drugs and has been recovered and the stores manager at Kiruddu hospital arrested in a crackdown conducted by the ministry of health officials and the president’s health monitoring unit.

Govt mourns 22 bus accident victims

Government declares three days of national mourning for those killed in a nasty road accident that occurred over the weekend.

Uganda’s lions & big cuts risk extinction – conservationists

Conservationists warn that some of Uganda’s wild life faces extinction due to increased destruction of their natural habitat and trade in wild life.

Animal rights still trampled upon in Uganda

Upholding animal freedoms remains a mystery among Africans, particularly in Uganda where most people thinking it does not really matter