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Labor exporters want gov’t to facilitate return of Ugandan workers stuck abroad

Labor exporters call on government to facilitate the return of workers stranded abroad following the closing of Entebbe airport and Uganda’s boarders in light of COVID 19.


Child Rights Players calls for a more inclusive approach to involve   both parents and children, as government moves to have schools reopened, amidst the fight against the global Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Discrimination Still Rampant at Top Level Leadership Ranks – Speaker

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga calls for an end to the discrimination of Women in top leadership positions and at the lower levels. Kadaga says that despite a lot of progress on women’s participation in leadership positions which is at 32% in parliament, local government at over 40% and cabinet

Women Rights Activists unhappy with South Sudan unity government structure

A new report by Women rights defenders indicates that the recently endorsed South Sudan Peace deal lacked a fundamental gender perspective, hanging the safety of venerable groups in balance.

AZA Entry eases cross-border business to business payments in region

February 20, 2020 – AZA, Africa’s biggest non-bank currency broker, today rolls out its recently upgraded payment platform BFX to Uganda. BFX is a B2B payment platform that leverages AZA’s hybrid infrastructure and empowers companies to use African currencies with less risk, cost and friction than ever before. Thelaunch comes