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Court of Appeal upholds Jamwa’s 12 year prison sentence

Two out three Justices of the Court of Appeal have upheld the decision of the High court in Kampala that former NSSF Managing Director David Chandi Jamwa, was properly convicted and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for causing NSSF a financial loss of 3 billion shillings.

Mugisha Muntu starts consultations to determine next course of action

Former FDC Party President Mugisha Muntu starts his consultation campaign to determine his next course of action as announced shortly after he lost in the FDC party elections.

Child marriage, a great danger to the girl child

A report by the World Bank authored in December 2018 indicates that ending child marriage could help Uganda generate 3 billion dollars per year by 2030.

50% of Uganda’s cassava yield lost due to diseases

Agricultural researchers say 50% of Uganda’s cassava yield is lost to diseases that continue to attack the crop which is among Uganda’s most grown food crops.

MOH investigating Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever in Nakaseke

The ministry of health is investigating a suspected case of the Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever reported in Nakaseke district.