Arua district has a shortage of 1600 teachers

Arua district faces a shortage of 1600 primary school teachers, a factor cited by authorities in the district as the biggest impediment to improvement of education standards.

Arua district Vice Chairperson Acema Dria Genesis says the vacuum is as a result of death of some teachers and others quitting the profession among other factors

Acema reveals that the district requires 5000 teachers and only has about 3400 leaving a big staffing gap but notes that efforts are underway to address the problem

In a related development, the Bunyoro Kitara bishop Samuel Kahuma decries the falling education standards in Bunyoro region

Kahuma is concerned that the entire infrastructure that was put up by missionaries is in a sorry state

Speaking during the Ecumenical Prayer Meeting for Bunyoro – Kitala in Kampala   notes that other assets including those of the church , mainly land are on the verge of being grabbed

Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya &

Nebert Rugadya

March 19 2017