Anti presidential age limit MPs vow to defy police summons

Members of Parliament opposed to constitutional amendment bill to remove presidential age limit have resolved not to honor police summons to respond to alleged inciting comments that they made.

The MPs who include Hon Theodore Sekikubo, Alan Sewanyana, and Muhammad Nsereko among others were last week summoned by police to appear at the CIID offices in Kibuli.

Addressing the media at parliament the MPs said the anti-age limit bill coalition would work together to defend their colleagues being targeted by police.

MP Sewanyana said t the officers at Kibuli called him and warned him that if he didn’t return, he would not be allowed to attend parliament on Tuesday.

At the press conference, MP Merdard Lubega Segona  , Robert Kygaulnayi and Mohamed Nsereko

Addressing the some news conference, the group’s lawyer caleb Alaka also says the police is trying to divert MPs from doing their work

September 25 2017