Animal rights still trampled upon in Uganda

Upholding animal freedoms remains a mystery among Africans, particularly in Uganda where most people thinking it does not really matter

A section of the public we interviewed voiced mixed reactions to upholding of these rights


Such sentiments justify why traders and dealers in livestock continue abuse animal freedoms mainly through overloading them on trucks, denying them food and causing unnecessary suffering

But Dr. Victor Ayamo of the World Animal Protection wants this reversed arguing that , upholding animal welfare leads to  increased productivity and quality of animal and poultry products


He says it’s high time Uganda adhered to the newly set international standards for trade in animals by 2024 set by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Statistics by the Uganda Meat Producers Co-operative Union ltd released in 2015, indicate that Uganda has 17 million heads of cattle

It however indicates there is a shortfall of 900,000 tonnes a year for both processed and unprocessed beef products

The standards burr trade in products of animals and poultry confined in small spaces, animals that were fed on anti-biotics and genetically modified organisms among others


Available laws against animal cruelty are outdated, case in point, the animal cruelty act which was enacted back in 1957.

The president Uganda Veterinary Association Sylvia Mubuku says this and other available legislations do not give deterrent measures against violation of animal freedoms

State minister for animal industry Joy Kabatsi alludes to the fact that the current legislations are outdated hence the need for more punitive legislations


Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya

May 27 2018