African leaders warned against stretching pple to the limit

Failure to uphold democratic principles , respect to the constitution and amicably resolve election disputes have been singled out as the main causes of the fall of great African leaders.

A member of the COMESA Committee of Elders Ambassador Ashraf Rashid says many African leaders discriminate and disregard concerns from dissenting voices and instead resort to silencing them

Speaking during the 5th Pan African Network Retreat at Speak Resort Munyonyo, Ambassador Rashid says other African leaders should avoid mistakes that have led to the collapse of their colleagues but embrace rule of law, respect human rights among other tenets of democracy

In a similar development,

Experts in public administration caution African leaders that people’s endurance to dictatorial tendencies should not be stretched to the limit warning that it lead to insurrection

Gerald Karyeija , a Professor of Public Administration at the Uganda Management Institute stresses that being voted into power severally alone is not enough but should instead uphold the rule of law and democratic principles

Story by

Kisirko Vincent &

Wycliffe Sebunya

November 17 2017