Irene Byaruhanga

IreneNewAnother of the veterans at Radio One, having started with the station in 1997 (Dinosaurs they are called!), Irene was the longest serving morning show co-host, before finding comfort on the mid morning slot, the Mighty 90 show. She is also the Head of Programming.

If there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be?:  a hefty paying job!

In your other life you are a……. real human being with feelings and is nice to every one around me.

In the animal kingdom you would be a……. Tigress!

Movies or books? Movies

What’s the last movie you watched? :   Madagascar II escape to Africa!

Friends or Family? Both. is it too much to ask for Both!

Career or Family? Family of course! They cant just fire you easily.

Do you make fun of people? : Its what am paid to do

What CD is in your player right now?:  Cd player is empty.  My Rio Player, Its got various artist from Will downing, Leslie Ryan , Kirk Franklin  to Akon.

Movies or soccer? : I’m torn on this one

Rowdy night out with the boys/girls or candle evening with that special one?; Actually, watching TV with that special one.

TV program that you will not miss, no matter what: Snapped! On the Crime Channel

What’s your bed time: Not later than 9.30pm

Home food or eat out? Home food definitely! That way am sure of what am eating and besides we are all good cooks at home.

What’s the worst/most rebellious thing you did as a teenager? : this may come as a surprise but I did Nothing of the sort.

Things I’ve learned from life:  a lot I could write Books!

Where in this world you most want to visit:  the whole world if it were possible!

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?: Myself.

3 Favorite words: Sorry, thank you ,Bless!

You’d never be caught wearing: no clothes.

Do you believe size (of whatever is on your mind right now) matter? A sizable bank account would do for me right now thank you!

What do you think of female drivers?: they are not push overs!

What do you think of Boda Bodas?: “@£% &* $$*&^%$£ !!!!! you don’t want to know the rest!

Something no one knows about you…  : Ask my creator. he knows EVERYTHING about me that others don’t know about me.

In your own words…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….zzzzzzzzz!