2021 General Election likely to be violent- Study

A new study has indicated that there is a high potential for violence in the 2021 general elections largely because of the culture of promoting use of youth gangs by prominent politicians in some areas of the country.

The sturdy conducted by two organizations Women Democracy Network and Innovations for Democratic Engagement and action focused on 13 districts picked from all regions of Uganda identified as potential hot spots

Male youth are cited as the top most actors in election violence followed by the Uganda Police Force, followed by NRM campaign agents and opposition campaign agents in the 5th position (101 out of 261 respondents).

Out of the 261 respondents, 81.6% noted that youth will be very more involved in election violence in the 2021 general elections while Women were reported to be the main victims of election violence reported by 128 out 261 respondents.          

The report proposes measures to avert such violence including a National dialogue with various stakeholders to build consensus on a number of national issues, security agencies planning better to avert election violence instead of becoming partisan,  putting in place a code of conduct to guide political parties with stringent penalties including disqualification of candidates found to have sponsored or enabled election violence, the government prosing serious electoral reforms as defined by the Supreme Court and by the Citizens COMPACT for Free and Fair Elections to create a level political ground

The chief Executive officer Civic-Source Jackie Asimwe says that lack of accountability for violence and unemployed youths are among other issues that must be focused on