Child Rights Players calls for a more inclusive approach to involve   both parents and children, as government moves to have schools reopened, amidst the fight against the global Corona Virus Pandemic. 

In his last address to the nation, the president took to indefinitely postpone the reopening of schools pending deeper consultations from scientists.

According to the president, despite having deemed it fit to have  candidate  classes and  university finalists resume studies  on the  4th of  June, Corona  virus  trends  could  not guarantee safety of the country’s  future generation.

Speaking to Radio One, Country Director Dwelling Places - Damon Wamara says being principle stakeholders of the education Process, Students and parents’ views would offer more practical approaches, towards the implementation of health measures to follow thereafter.

I think the most important stakeholders in any education sector are the Children, whose decision is solely influenced by their parents. Sidelining  the two  parties  in this  crucial  decision making process of   opening schools  at this  trying moment  is  thus  unfortunate,”  said Wamara.

According to Wamara, a the safety of  the  children  should  receive the  first  option  as  government  studies  the process to  have   institutions of  learning  resume business.

“ Issues  of  regular  testing of  children,  mass  Sanitization and all necessary precautions  to have  Children safe  at school  should  not be  rushed  but  given a taste  of time, to take no single  chance  over the safety of   Uganda’s  Children,” argues  Wamara.

A total of about 15 million school going children  risk  facing  with  the  Global  Corona Virus  pandemic, in case  an erroneous  decision is taken  over the  reopening of the  hundreds of  schools   and  institutions of learning in Uganda.

Story by

Julius Bagenda